“At Hudl, we believe when you’re living your purpose, your potential is endless. We want to unlock Hudl’s full potential by propelling every Hudlie to their own – to do that, we need purpose. It’s the key to unlocking Hudlies who are truly fulfilled in their work.”
Leah Pitzenberger, Head of People Operations


The Opportunity: In the Game to Make a Difference


Hudl is serious about helping teams win – including their own. They have a clear goal to unlock Hudl’s full potential by propelling every Hudlie to their own, and are using purpose to get there.

After a recent “listening tour” of Hudlies, they uncovered three key themes that became the momentum behind creating a culture fueled by purpose: learning & growth, career progression and impact. It was very clear: Hudlies want more than a paycheck; they want to make a difference. This led to their team starting to focus on fulfillment instead of engagement.


Hudl’s People Strategy


  • Empower meaningful work
  • Enable growth and development opportunities
  • Care for our team
  • Foster innovation and creativity

Leveraging Imperative’s Platform

  • Individual Purpose Profile
  • Team Purpose Reports
  • Manager 1:1 Coaching Guides

The Solution: Create their own game plan

Hudl’s culture is unique, so being able to customize their purpose rollout strategy was critical. They’re thinking about the rollout in three phases:

  1. Discover: Uncover and connect with personal purpose drivers.
  2. Believe: Connect personal purpose with team and Hudl’s mission.
  3. Advocate: Make decisions and advocate using purpose.

Hudl’s purpose strategy is focused on full integration into all things people – from hiring and onboarding to compensation and performance management. Their managers will be key to integration by leveraging the Imperative platform. Their goal is to ensure purpose is at the core of their team’s experience and bring purpose to life for all Hudlies.

Hudl Helps Teams and Athletes Win


Hudl is designed to help coaches, athletes and analysts learn from video and stats, combining the two for a more in-depth film study experience.

With data linked to game footage, teams spend less time trying to find key moments and more time reviewing what matters. Coaches can share custom playlists with individual athletes and position groups to study on their own. And with access to a suite of highlight tools, team members can easily save and share their biggest plays with recruiters and fans. Hudl also offers products for in-game instant replay and access to professional analysts for interactive stat reports after every game.

Founded in 2006, Hudl has more than 160,000 active teams and 4.3 million unique users, and has become the preferred game film solution for teams around the world.


Hudl at a Glance

Industry: Sports Technology

Location: HQ in Lincoln, Nebraska with additional core offices in Boston, MA; Omaha, NE; London, UK; Sydney, Australia; Mumbai, India

Employees: 1,200 in 18 countries

Founded: 2006

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