“This is an opportunity to allow ServiceSource to help make your job more responsive to your needs and interests. But the most important element here is to help us fulfill our vital mission of creating a better world for people with disabilities, their families and caretakers.”

– Janet Samuelson, President and CEO of ServiceSource

The Opportunity: Uniting Employees

ServiceSource, a leading resource for people with disabilities, was launching their “Purpose Leader Initiative”. The goal of this initiative is to help employees define what is meaningful to them and how they connect to the world around them, as well as solidify goals and priorities. ServiceSource also wanted to develop leadership from within. 


Many people join ServiceSource because of the company’s mission or because they can offer expertise that ServiceSource needs and values. This initiative aims to lead employees through a discovery process of how they connect to purpose and how ServiceSource can help connect that to work. 




ServiceSource’s People Strategy

  • Empower all employees to feel fulfilled in their work
  • Implement Purpose in team meetings

Leveraging Imperative’s Platform

  • Manager 1:1 Coaching Guides for Performance Reviews
  • Purpose Statement Workshops
  • Team Reports

The Solution: Using Purpose as Glue

ServiceSource decided to implement Imperative in order to effectively launch their “Purpose Leader Initiative”. One of the key results of this implementation has been increased collaboration among team members and between different departments. Individuals now have better team awareness and are operating more effectively because they know and understand that every person has a different Purpose type and dominant driver.

When team leaders find an area for improvement, they use a team report to guide the discussion and encourage every employee to use their Purpose in contributing to a solution.

Since implementation, ServiceSource has had a 95% Purpose Assessment completion rate and received excellent feedback from employees. ServiceSource keeps employees involved in the Purpose at work movement with email updates featuring team members and describing how they connect Purpose to their work.

ServiceSource has also incorporated Purpose into their performance review process. Managers are now asking questions like, “Given you are Impact-dominant, how can I best support you?” and “Is there a blindspot you have based on your purpose type? What can I do to help?”



ServiceSource is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to facilitate services and partnerships to support people with disabilities, their families, their caregivers and community members in order to build more inclusive communities.




ServiceSource at a Glance

Industry: Nonprofit

Location: Oakton and Springfield, VA; Fayetteville, NC; Clearwater, FL; Wilmington and Dover, DE

Employees: 2,000+

Founded: 1971

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