The Purpose Economy

The Bestselling Book that Inspired a Movement

The future is purpose. It is what is driving innovation and radically reshaping careers and organizations. We are prioritizing relationships, impact, and personal growth and in the process changing the economy. The Purpose Economy is your roadmap to create a better future with breakthrough research on how to bring purpose to your work and organization.

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Employer's Guide
to the Purpose Economy

Eight suggestions for how you can use the Purpose Economy to transform your team and organization.
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    Arianna Huffington
    Founder of the Huffington Post

    "Building on his experience as the founder of Taproot, which connects commerce
    with social good, Aaron Hurst powerfully sums up in the Purpose Economy the
    fundamental changes taking place in the business world.”
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    Reid Hoffman
    Cofounder of LinkedIn

    "In the Purpose Economy, Aaron Hurst shows how this mass quest for
    self-expression in the workplace is reshaping corporate behavior and creating new economic
    opportunities. Filled with insights, this book clarify how technology is changing not only how
    we work but what we want from work."
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    Daniel Pink
    Author of 'Drive' and 'To Sell is Human'

    "Here is that rare animal, a business book grounded in compassion. The
    Purpose Economy taps into our deep craving for meaning in our life and work. If
    Aaron Hurst is right, and I think he is, we are on the threshold of a new,
    more value-rich era in business. This book will help you find your place in it.”
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    Adam Grant
    Author of 'Give and Take' and 'Originals'

    "The Purpose Economy highlights how meaning—not products and services—makes the world go around. Aaron Hurst, a pioneer and visionary leader in social innovation, has captured a tectonic shift in the global economy that has local consequences for all of us.”

Learn About the New Expanded
Purpose Economy

Leaders from around the world have embraced the Purpose Economy and asked for more. In this expanded and updated edition, Hurst unpacks critical new research and tools for individuals and organizations to find purpose and thrive in this new area. Based on new metrics from Imperative's largest global research on purpose, interviews with thousands of entrepreneurs, and new organizational resources and activities, Hurst shows that this new era is fueling demand for purpose-oriented employees who not only create more satisfying careers, but also contribute more productively to teams and organizations.

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Purpose Economy

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What's Inside the Book

More than 100 new pages of the latest groundbreaking studies, stories and organizational resources. Four Comprehensive Sections for Driving Purpose for Ourselves, our Organizations and Society.

Section 1
Welcome to the Purpose Economy

- Introduction
- Economic Evolution
-The Drivers of the New Economy

Section Two
Personal Purpose, Owning It

- Purpose is What Matters and Myth-Busting
-The Who, How, Why of Purpose
-The Practice of Purpose

Section Three
Social Purpose - The Purpose Organization

- Leading with Purpose
- Purposeful Ventures
- Five Opportunties

Societal Purpose - Moving Markets

- Market Movers
- The Five Ways to Move a Market
- Conclusion