Imperative's living assessment and learning platform empowers
people and teams to uncover and activate purpose
to address their most critical needs.

We are building a workforce where everyone is fulfilled.

One Language. Limitless Application.

Imperative has for the first time found the psychological drivers that define the diversity of purpose in people across professions, industries, and cultures.


Career & Leadership Development

Purpose defines what we stand for in our careers and lives. It is the impact we want to have to create the world we want to live in. Imperative enables everyone to understand their purpose and activate it every day to take full ownership of their career and fulfillment.


Team Effectiveness

Every team has a purpose. Imperative allows them to articulate their purpose and use the diversity of the purpose of its members to create inspiring high performing cultures where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

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Activating Organizational Purpose

Imperative activates an organization's articulated purpose by connecting it to each employee's purpose. They are each then able to activate their purpose in service to the organization's broader purpose.

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Purpose Employer Audit

Where are you on the journey to fully embracing purpose in your talent strategy? Our new Purpose Employer Audit empowers you to quickly assess how far along you are on your journey and where to make your next investments to be purpose-powered.

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Higher productivity when employees are inspired and work with purpose (Google)


Higher performance of purpose-driven companies (PwC)

Client Partner Testimonials

  • Chris Leady

    Head, Global Learning & Development — Campbell Soup
    “Imperative takes empowerment to a whole new level. In less than 10 minutes our employees receive a custom profile providing practical insights, recommendations and tools to power up their purpose and career.”
  • Allison Hyers

    VP People & Culture — West Elm
    “We have been working with Imperative for three years and together have leveraged it to redesign many of our internal processes to imbed them with purpose, including our hiring and promotional processes.”
  • Brad Saathoff

    CEO — Black Hills Works
    "Imperative is making it possible to scale purpose activation across our organization. They are giving us the education and tools to allow our organization to have a culture that is built around purpose so that every employee can make the most of their work."