Want to be one of the highest performing and most beloved managers in your organization? Do you want to really enable your team to be high-performing and love their jobs? We have spent millions of dollars uncovering what it takes to really enable people on your team to thrive and produce exceptional results.

Success as a manager largely comes down to regularly connecting with each member of your team on three topics: their relationships, impact, and growth. These are the three pillars of fulfillment.


  1. Do you know if your team members have the depth of relationships they need to be fulfilled and effective in their job?
  2. Do you know if members of your team are making the impact they want to make?
  3. Do you know how each of the members on your team wants to #4f62c8and how to help them achieve their growth goals?

Imperative’s One-Pager: Purpose Check-In

In less than an hour, you can radically transform your relationship with a member of your team. We have broken it all down in a simple one-pager to help lead a breakthrough conversation with someone about their relationships, impact, and growth.

This new one-pager lays out how to structure your check-ins to create powerful conversations and build psychological safety in all your relationships. It frames you as their champion and coach but clearly puts ownership of their success and fulfillment in their hands – where it belongs.

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