We built a platform to develop leaders for the new economy.

Imperative’s co-founder and CEO, Aaron Hurst, brought global awareness to the rise of the fourth economic era in history, the Purpose Economy. He then joined forces with Google’s Arthur Woods to create Imperative – the leadership development platform for the new economy.

The Purpose Economy demands a different kind of leader.

As the foremost expert on the science of purpose at work, we built Imperative based on the latest neuroscience, habit formation research, technology, and our proprietary research on the drivers of purpose in our careers and lives.

Imperative’s manifesto is the The Purpose Economy, the book by Imperative CEO Aaron Hurst that catalyzed the purpose revolution. With his prediction that purpose was the next major economic era, many are now racing to find answers and direction toward discovering their personal, professional, and organizational purpose. Leaders from around the world have embraced Hurst’s work and have asked for more.

Board of Directors

Aaron Hurst (Chair)
CEO & Co-Founder

Matt Sonefeldt
VP of Investor Relations (former)

Kathy Chiu
Managing Partner
FAN Fund

Elaine Mason
Vice President, People, Planning and Analytics

Jennifer Benz
Founder and CEO

Benz Communications

Fabio Rosati

CEO (former)


Paul Grossinger


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Imperative is located in Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington.

Our address is:
600 1st Ave
Suite 635
Seattle, WA 98104

100+ employers develop leaders for the new economy with Imperative