Activate, align and empower employees with the science of purpose

Imperative is the only platform to help you scale purpose and empower every employee to own it:
  • Unleash intrinsic motivation for your employees
  • Create a sense of belonging and inclusion
  • Power teams with purpose to increase their impact
    Are you ready to empower your people to activate their full-selves at work?

  • Activate Your Organization's Purpose

    Purpose is a choice in our daily lives. Empower your employees and teams to discover, activate, and lead with purpose using Imperative's innovative tools and science.

    Why Purpose?

    The case for purpose is now very clear and well know by progressive leaders around the world.

    The Imperative Platform

    The Imperative platform makes purpose accessible and fully integrated into your organization. It makes purpose a consistent part of your employee experience from their first interview to their last day (and beyond). At Imperative we are constantly researching purpose to uncover new insights – it is a living platform, not a static assessment.

    Activating and Supporting an Individual’s Purpose

    On Imperative, employees uncover their purpose in under ten minutes and immediately begin to act on it to take ownership of their fulfillment in their job. They are able to set goals, measure and track their fulfillment and try small experiments to discover what impacts their fulfillment. View the full individual experience.

    Driving Purpose on Teams

    Teams are where purpose is most powerful and important. On Imperative, teams are able define their shared purpose, gain insights for powerful conversations, celebrate and leverage the diversity of purpose on the team, address likely biases and identify strategies to address any barriers to optimal team effectiveness. View the full team experience.

    Purpose Analytics

    The Imperative platform is the first and only platform that creates purpose analytics that can guide your strategy and continuous improvement investments throughout the employee lifecycle. What types of purpose are most common in the organization and in which areas? What is the weekly fulfillment pulse of the entire organization and where is there a need to improve? What experiments are employees using that successfully boost their fulfillment and which are failing?

    Platform Customization

    Imperative comes with an incredible library of insights, recommendations and content. We also enable you to add your own content to make it align with your purpose, values and talent strategies. With Imperative you can customize the employee experience:

    • Add a letter in the individual purpose report about your approach to purpose.
    • Create belonging and activation statements that align the organizational purpose with theirs in a way that allows them to own it.
    • Develop custom 90 day goals specific to your culture and priorities and associated recommendations for how to use Imperative and your other systems to achieve those goals.
    • Develop a library of targeted experiments for employees to try to boost their fulfillment that are specific to your priorities and culture.

    Training, Consulting, and Coaching

    We also provide training and coaching service to support your launch and provide extra support to employees. Our growing network of Certified Purpose Coaches can help you with:

    • One-on-one coaching
    • Group purpose trainings on everything from owning your purpose drivers to telling your purpose story to leading teams with purpose to creating your career map
    • Team leader coaching on rolling out purpose or using purpose to address a key need
    • Executive interviews to capture their stories for internal communications and media
    • Executive and board team facilitation
    • Developing purpose-driven job descriptions and talent brand assets
    • Developing custom content for the platform