The platform for supporting a student's
discovery and activation of their purpose

Imperative provides the first platform that helps students articulate and act on their purpose. Universities are using Imperative to help unlock purpose in classrooms and in their exploration of career paths.

Impact Areas

Activating Purpose Across Campus

Career Advising with Purpose

Today's students are looking for more in their careers than a paycheck. Imperative helps students, regardless of their academic focus, discover their purpose and design their career exploration around it.

We work directly with your career offices in universities across the country to develop high impact strategies that help you advise your students to find purpose in their career so that you can better serve the needs of the purpose generation.

Teaching with Purpose

Learning begins with the question "why?". For students to truly own their learning, they need to be self-aware about their purpose as well as the purpose of their peers in their journey.

We work directly with faculty, curriculum designers, and foundational or core programs at universities to develop a shared language of purpose in the classroom. That language empowers more meaningful classroom conversations and enables students to take more ownership of their learning through what brings them meaning and fulfillment in their studies.

Working With Purpose

Activate, align, and empower your university staff within your department or across campus with the science of purpose.

Imperative is the only platform to help you scale purpose and empower every employee to own it:

  • Unleash intrinsic motivation for your employees
  • Create a sense of belonging and inclusion
  • Power teams with purpose to increase their impact

  • Why Purpose

    Purpose is the reason we show up in the world beyond financial gain or social recognition.

    Purpose is how we find meaning and fulfillment in life.

    Generation-Z is the most Purpose-Oriented
    group to enter the workforce.

    47% of college students are Purpose-Oriented and they are raising the bar for higher education, the workplace, and society overall.
    hope to find work that is rewarding beyond financial gain and social recognition.
    hope to make the world a better place through their professional contributions.
    hope that work to be one of the things they are most passionate about in life.
    will make a potential employer's sense of purpose and impact a primary selection criteria.

    One third of students would rather
    declare a "purpose" than a major.

    What if we activated every college student's purpose?

    Short Answer. We'll change the world.

    Purpose in Higher Education Research Report

    Our landmark study conducted in collaboration with New York University, University of Michigan, Grinnell College, and Seattle Pacific University revealed the power of bringing purpose into career advising, the classroom, and leadership development.

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    2018 Purpose University Series

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