Support your managers like never before

Imperative makes it easy for managers to bring out the best in their teams. It equips them with the real-time measurement and insights to inspire everyone on their team and drive purposeful behavior change.

“Teams are now the fundamental unit of an organization. If a company wants to outstrip its competitors, it needs to influence not only how people work, but also how they work together.”

“Inspirational leadership can be taught. Companies that recognize that and invest in making it happen create meaningful impact on the productivity of their company.”

Continuous Cycle of Individual and Team Development



Every member of the team spends 30 seconds measuring their fulfillment and gets targeted coaching recommendations based on their purpose profile.



Managers gain the insights and coaching to have honest and open check-ins where they can provide feedback and recognition and develop clear goals.



Teams use analytics about their dynamics and diversity of purpose to optimize their culture to be inclusive and high-performing.

Everything Your Managers Need to Lead with Purpose

Online Coaching Platform

Every member of the team gains access to the Imperative platform where they manage their development, gain tips from our AI coach, monitor their progress, and gain insights about their teams and colleagues.

Offline Resources

Managers are equipped with toolkits to masterfully lead breakthrough check-ins and team meetings

Online Platform Coaching Features



Onboarding to Imperative through a 10 minute purpose assessment, set of videos and conversation guide to expose managers and their teams to purpose and how to activate it.

Automated Coaching

Automated coach that regularly tracks manager and team member fulfillment and suggests targeted behavior changes they can make to boost their relationships, impact and growth each week.

Ongoing Insights

Insights about your colleagues to help you support them and create positive new habits together.

Team Analytics

Manager team analytics and action planning interface that identifies effectiveness issues for the team and recommends agenda items to you to create breakthrough team conversations.

Talent Analytics

Talent analytics to gain a regular understanding of the fulfillment, diversity of purpose, and career focus of managers and their teams.

Customize Imperative for Your Organization


Custom Content

Imperative enables you to customize employee purpose profiles and coaching tips to speak to your purpose, values, and employee programs.

Easy Access

Imperative will enable anyone with a company email address to create and access their account.


Imperative will feature your branding on the platform.

Learn how Imperative's platform is
developing leaders using the science of purpose.