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What Managers and Teams Are Saying

Each week, managers and their teams receive targeted coaching recommendations based on their purpose profile. At the end of the week, they share the impact.

  • Culture is the foundation to any great organization. In order to build on that foundation, it is crucial to layer strong, dedicated employees who believe in the mission and vision of your organization. We have found that purpose is the glue that binds these not only committed but fulfilled employees. Purpose has had a profound effect not only on our leadership team but through all levels of our organization and this has positioned us for dynamic growth in delivering our mission and achieving our vision.

    Brian Behler
    CEO, Skils’kin

  • Imperative takes empowerment to a whole new level. In less than 10 minutes our employees receive a custom profile providing practical insights, recommendations, and tools to power up their purpose and career.

    Chris Leady
    Head, Global Learning & Development, Campbell Soup

  • As we have grown, our managers play a bigger and bigger role in nurturing a high-perfomring and purpose-driven culture. Imperative’s onling coaching platform has given us powerful tools to help our managers grow their own skills and coach their teams. Our team immediately embraced the new model and we have found it to be in perfect alignment with our culture and values.

    Jennifer Benz CEO & Founder, Benz Communications

  • "It's one thing to know that our purpose as an organization is deeply connected to our impact on society and the earth.   It's another thing entirely to understand my own purpose drivers and how i can use them to create more fulfillment in my job...while also amplifying our ability to have a positive impact on the world.  Workplace nirvana..."

  • "By recognizing the impact others make in their daily duties and helping them celebrate those achievements, the team has become more open to suggestions and has begun to have a better synergy."

  • "Looking for how people show up and imagining their drivers helps to understand their thinking, particularly when it's different from mine."

  • "This awareness has trigger deeper conversations and more clarity around the meaning of those conversations."

  • "Gave feedback to staff member regarding production of materials for program and services. They welcomed feedback and stated they will use the feedback to assist with developing their skills for future tasks."

  • "Feeling more able to map out the impact I will have this year and thinking through how each one of my goals ladders up to it."

  • "From mentoring the employee, they seemed to grow a little more confident in their position. Also, they realized they could speak up and come to me to directly answer any questions or concerns they may have."

  • "Had some good one on one conversations. Felt more connected to team and better understanding of what was happening with changes in the last week."

  • "I am coaching someone who the rest of the organization isn't sure he is going to make it. He had such a great day with his team and I got to observe. I gave him the positive feedback he deserved and he was really appreciative."

  • "I am connecting more with my colleagues because I have a better understanding of who they are. This is allowing me to look at the people I work with as people. I am making adjustments, not them and it is making a difference."

  • "I am keenly aware of acknowledging people around me that help me be more successful. Whether it is a note of acknowledgment (I sent 3 this past week in the mail), or an email thank you, I am always looking for ways to do this."

  • "I am more present and spend time really listening to the person's needs."

  • "I did notice paying more attention to something I was reviewing because I wanted to be specific with my acknowledgment."

  • "I feel better about my relationships at work - trying to connect with people beyond the standard work stuff - learning more about them as people has really helped!"

  • "I feel good about it, I have gotten a bunch of chances over the past two weeks to experiment with new ways of implementing ideas and sharing them with others on my team. These hacks have helped to find new ways of delivering ideas and figuring out how others receive them."

  • "I feel like even though it is challenging to stay curious about how others are showing up that it makes me have much more empathy for colleagues and clients."

  • "I have been getting better at thinking about my impact in a larger sense, the resources have been good to build on the story of my impact."

  • "I have been more mindful of my calendar and prepping for meetings prior to attending them. This is helping me think about how to slow down, manage my time, and get the right people convinced prior to starting a project."

  • "I've decluttered all the reminders that ding for me all the time that I don't really need or want to do, and that aren't business priorities. Now, instead of upward of 100 different reminders, I have a few dozen that are really important for building relationships or business, and have chucked the rest. And, I even add on my to-do-list, "view/complete reminders" each day."

  • "I met with a team member on Monday, which helped me to see her values-driven leadership and her individual/org driver. Being aware of these things will help me to communicate and frame things in a way that resonates, as well as connect her with projects or people who might be energizing or helpful for her."

  • "I met with someone on my team with the same purpose type as me. He explained how his/our purpose comes to life in his role, and where he struggles with purpose in his role. Unsurprisingly, it was similar to my experience. He talked about leaning into the discomfort of the macro level impact in order to grow. He is going to continue to check in with me on how I am/am not leaning into that discomfort, as well as how I'm creating more purpose in my role."

  • "I've realized each manager's situation they walk into is so unique. As an individually focused person, I don't want to get too blinded by individual needs and miss the larger value we bring through our programs."

  • "I met with someone I used to work more closely with day-to-day, as my role has changed we often see each other around and say "we should grab lunch" so I set-up some time & we did! It was nice to catch up & hear how she/her team are feeling about the organization changes."

  • "I was very intentional this week about celebrating the impact that other people made - most notably on LInkedIn. I noticed that my abundance mindset accelerated and that people responded positively to my intentions."

  • "I'm noticing my driver more as I am looking for it in others as well. In watching my mentor work, his community driver shines through and it helps me focus on honing in to mine as well."

  • "I've noticed engaging conversations lasting longer, and individuals speaking more than before. It was clear to see how much more engaged each parties of the conversation were, on multiple occasions throughout the week."

  • "I had two individuals in conflict recognize the differences in their drivers and how to find alignment in their drivers to find a workable solution."

  • "Team members seemed to appreciate my checking in, and I was able to get feedback and information that will help me be more successful, going forward."

  • "This system has given me really awesome assignments that I may have seen as a "nice to have/do" in the past and instead made me not even think about it before just making it happen"

  • "I'm getting better at telling people face-to-face simply, 'I appreciate you.'"

  • "I told someone on my team that they had helped me to get better at doing a certain thing in my role and not only did that make them feel more open to collaborate with me but also made them feel really empowered because I have helped them a few times on their work."

  • "While mentoring a new employee, I have found that they are now more open to communication. Also, they are more willing to meet with others on the team to work with them in a group or individually. The employee has seemed to become more receptive of others on the team and no longer seems to isolate them-self from others."

  • "I was able to more deeply practice empathy with this person so when before I would have seen them as being toxic or lashing out I was now able to see that they were just scared of not getting a need met. This really helped!"

  • "An initiative that was starting to feel overwhelming magically became easier as I asked for collaboration from a co-worker. We brainstormed an amazing solution and we are all excited about the outcome."

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