Why Purpose?

Neuroscience teaches us that when we work with purpose, we produce oxytocin, a chemical in the brain that increases our trust and sense of belonging. This makes us show up very differently at work.

The Imperative Platform

The Platform Built for You to Thrive
Within ten minutes on Imperative, you will gain access to an in-depth personalized report that details the contribution you were meant to make in the world. It outlines your Purpose Drivers and includes insights into how to bring your purpose to life and master your purpose.

At Imperative, we are constantly researching purpose to uncover new insights for you – it is a living platform, not a static assessment.

Your Purpose Leadership Report

You have one of three different purpose-leadership themes that defines how you inspire others, how you innovate, and why people want to work with you when you work with purpose. Your Purpose-Driven Leadership report provides the insights you need to be an authentic and strong leader who brings out the best in those around you. It also shares insights about your blind spots and how you need to work with diverse leadership styles.

Your Purpose Driver Report

You have a dominant purpose driver and two supporting drivers that combine to define your purpose type. This report provides you with an in-depth look at your drivers and type and unlocks key insights into who you want to impact, why you want to make an impact, and how you can make the greatest impact.

This report includes a powerful draft paragraph that defines your purpose and that you can use to tailor your bio and professional profile to communicate your story and desire to contribute authentically and memorably. The report also uncovers key insights into the moments and types of work that are most fulfilling for you and insights into what biases you may have based on your drivers.

Your Development Report

The goal of work for purpose-driven professionals, like you, is to be fulfilled and to become exceptional at living and working with your purpose drivers. As we say at Imperative, we want to make you a “baller” at your purpose.

This report outlines the specific areas that you need to develop to master your purpose. Some of the development areas you may have mastered and you use every day already. Others present exciting new areas for growth that will be exciting to learn.

Your Alignment Report

You have a purpose and so does your organization. The Alignment Report identifies how your purpose connects to the organization’s purpose. It shows you why your purpose is valued at the organization and how the organization needs you to activate and live it every day.

Your Volunteering and Giving Report

Serving in the community is one of the best ways to experiment, challenge yourself, gain new insights and meet people. It is a critical part of successful purpose-driven careers for those very reasons. This report outlines how to align your purpose with your service in the community. It provides insights into what types of service you should explore and what to look for in an organization that will make it a powerful match with your purpose.

Your Purpose Statement

A purpose statement is an inspiring single sentence that defines your true north – your real bottom line. Imperative drafts one for you based on our Purpose Profile that is as strong as what many people develop over months of coaching.

The platform also provides you with a step-by-step online editing process to refine your purpose statement to put it in your own words and take real ownership of it – enough so that you might even want to make it a tattoo.

Your Custom Comic Book Cover

Based on your purpose drivers, Imperative creates a fun and inspiring comic book cover. Print and post it in your office as a reminder of your potential and to share with others. It defines your villain as well as how you always save the day with your purpose super powers.

You can choose from over 24 different characters to feature on the cover – or print one of each and wallpaper your office. The comic book cover will help you remember your younger and more idealistic self. It will reconnect you with that spark that may get lost at times navigating daily work.

Your 90 Day Action Plan

How do you want to invest in your success over the next 90 days? On the platform, you set your core goal every 90 days. Goals range from starting a new job the right way, becoming a better manager, increasing your personal growth, determining your next step in your career, and more. Imperative then provides strategies to use your personal purpose to realize them.

Tracking Your Fulfillment

Every week you answer three simple questions that measure your current level of fulfillment. On the platform, you can track your fulfillment over time – like tracking a stock portfolio but in this case something far more valuable. You will uncover patterns and gain insights into how you can best approach your work.

Your Job Hacking Coach

Based on your personal purpose, 90 day goals and current level of fulfillment we have small experiments you can try to make work more meaningful. Through regular experimentation you will learn how to design your job and approach it to be your best self every day.

Making Purpose Accessible

The platform is currently available to Imperative employer partners, our higher education collaborators, and through our Certified Purpose Coaches.