• Aaron Hurst

    Co-Founder, CEO
    Aaron Hurst is a widely recognized social entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Imperative and author of the The Purpose Economy. Aaron previously founded the Taproot Foundation, a nonprofit organization building a national pro bono marketplace and leading the global service movement. He is a Nonprofit Times’ Power & Influence Top 50 and LinkedIn Influencer.
  • Arthur Woods

    Arthur Woods is a serial social entrepreneur and leads partnerships at Imperative. He was named Forbes 30 Under 30, is a three-times TEDx speaker and World Economic Forum Global Shaper. Arthur previously led operations for YouTube’s Education division and co-founded Out in Tech and Social Impact 360 (Compass Fellowship).
  • Nicole Resch

    Head of Enterprise
    Nicole is an executive with decades of experiences in assisting large enterprises with talent management. She was previously a senior consultant in the IT, Corporate Strategy, and Operations businesses at Microsoft.
  • Rachel Kjack

    Head of Program Development
    Rachel is a senior executive with experience of experience in learning and program design She leads Imperative's program development. She is an expert trainer, executive coach, instructional designer and social and mobile learning specialist, having worked with hundreds of organizations throughout her career.
  • Jessica Alspaugh

    Chief Technology Officer
    Jessica is a seasoned product executive who identifies clear business opportunities and then designs natural, intuitive, straightforward, magical user experiences to make them reality. She comes with years of experience leading products at Microsoft.
  • Kristen Bashaw

    Head of Learning and Development
    Kristen is a talent development executive with tremendous experience designing learning pathways and building training experiences. She will spearhead all of Imperative's training experiences to drive impact.
  • Bill Lawler

    Chief Customer Officer
    Bill is a business development executive who has spent his career scaling sales operations with leading high growth companies. He will oversee all of Imperative's enterprise partnership strategy.
  • Molly Williams

    Head of Operations
    Molly is the connective glue that makes sure Imperative runs on time and everyone has what they need. She manages operations at Imperative and keeps the trains running on time for the team and our partners alike.
  • Alex Belisle

    Head of Higher Education
    Alex's purpose is to ignite capability within all. He generates meaning by cultivating spaces, structures, and communities where team members, customers, and our company are connected to opportunity. His work employs an intense focus on human connection, empathy, and collaboration.
  • Jack Głodek

    Lead Engineer
    Jacek is an engineer, designer and organizer. He is a big fan of service design, design thinking and microservices.
  • Theo Sickler

    Program Manager
    Theo is the program manager for Imperative providing operational support in the development, implementation and marketing. Theo has the ability to figure anything out, small or large and is driven by the desire to help people maximize their full potential. He's our own, Purpose-driven swiss army knife.
  • Adrianna Kmieciak

    Head of Back-end Engineering
    Adrianna is one of our all-star back-end developers. She leads the team in organizing the tasks and encouraging efficiency in lean API design.
  • Agata Dębska

    Head of Front-end Engineering
    Agata is our primary front-end developer. She cares passionately about designing and building the beautiful and intuitive interfaces for our users.
  • Bartosz Ludwig

    Senior Back-end Engineer
    Bartek brings a remarkable talent to the development team with special focus on Scala functional programming and REST design. (Read more)

Imperative Board of Directors

Our purpose-driven board constantly pushes us to increase our impact and live our values
  • Aaron Hurst — Chair and CEO, Imperative
  • Fabio Rosati — Entrepreneur and Former CEO, Upwork
  • Elaine Mason — VP People Planning, Design and Analytics, Cisco
  • Kathy Chiu— Managing Director, FAN Fund
  • Jennifer Benz— CEO, Benz Communication
  • Matthew Sonefeldt— Social Entrepreneur and Investor
  • Paul Grossinger — Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

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