Imperative Certified Purpose Coach

Since launching Imperative, employers from Campbell Soup to PwC to Genomic Health have adopted the purpose platform to unleash purpose for their people. In 2018, we will be accepting experienced coaches and trainers into our Certified Purpose Coach network. They will have exclusive access to use our breakthrough platform to serve their clients and be pioneers in the field.

Will you be one of them?


  • Build Game-Changing Relationships

    As a Certified Purpose Coach, you will become part of an incredible community of exceptional leaders who share your passion for purpose and a belief in the potential of people. Most importantly, you will deepen your relationships with your clients.
  • Make an Impact

    As a Certified Purpose Coach, you will be leveling the playing field and bringing purpose to employees at all levels.
    You are making history.
  • Experience New Growth

    Over the next year you will intimately understand your own purpose, master the science and application of purpose, and find innovative ways to expand your practice.

Training From an Industry Pioneer

Aaron Hurst, Your Purpose Trainer

Aaron Hurst, the CEO and co-founder of Imperative and the architect of the Imperative platform, will be personally training the Certified Purpose Coaches - the pioneers of the purpose movement.

He is the author of the Purpose Economy and the Purposeful CEO series on FastCompany. Aaron is a globally recognized social entrepreneur who founded the Taproot Foundation.

The Certification Process

Imperative Certified Purpose Coaches go through a rigorous training and testing process to ensure they are set up for success and can deliver transformational services for their clients. Apply here.


More About the Program

What are the program costs?

The certification cost for the first two years is $5,000. This cost covers all of your training, attendance at the Imperative Purpose 2030 conference for two years, marketing support, and ongoing community engagement. It also enables you to buy client licenses at wholesale discounts of as high as 35%.
Payment plan options are available.

What is included in the program?

As a Certified Purpose Coach, you receive training and access to the Imperative platform, but that is just the start of how we set you up to transform your practice:

  • A pass to the annual Imperative Purpose 2030 conference where we will share the latest research and chart our progress towards the goal of empowering the majority of the workforce to be fulfilled by 2030.
  • Ongoing webinars to share the latest best practices and advances on the Imperative platform.
  • Marketing materials and language to market your practice and ability to use the Imperative platform.
  • Up to 35% wholesale discount on the Imperative platform sold to your clients as part of your practice.
  • Unlike other assessments, the Imperative platform is a subscription model. You can continue to receive a revenue share from clients for years, not just up front, if you maintain your certification.
  • As you have more and more success we will contact you about clients opportunities generated by Imperative where your talents and location are a good fit.

  • How will I be able to apply the training?

    This six-week virtual training for certification is designed to enable you to maintain your busy schedule while ensuring you have the knowledge to be successful.

    At the end of the program you will:
    • Understand the science of purpose and tools to educate your clients about it
    • Speak confidently about the nine purpose drivers, three purpose-driven leadership styles and the five dynamics of effective teams
    • Deeply understand through practice and experience - key purpose-based coaching strategies for individuals and teams so they can use them to achieve their goals
    • Have learned strategies for managing blind spots of clients based on their purpose and how to set them up to self-support
    • Developed the ability to understand how different purpose-driven leadership styles interact
    • Own your own purpose and develop your purpose narrative to support your practice and personal journey
    • Be able to leverage the Imperative platform for ongoing engagement with your clients.

    Apply here.

    What are the coaching qualifications needed?

    We are looking for dynamic coaches and trainers who are building practices and want to partner with Imperative to grow their revenue and impact.

    • Innovator who see the power of purpose to transform work
    • Full-time coach or trainer with a growing practice
    • Three or more years experience in coach, training and/or consulting
    • Developed network of clients and potential clients
    • Experience working with large employers

    Meet the qualifications? Apply here.

    Apply to become an Imperative Certified Purpose Coach today.