Use purpose and intrinsic motivation to power teams

With Imperative, team leaders get the insights about their team and its members to:
  • Set inspiring short and long-term goals
  • Create a sense of belonging
  • Define how each member can contribute powerfully
  • Manage to the five dynamics of effective teams
    Your team is ready to be incredible. Are you ready to lead it?
  • Activate Your Team's Purpose

    Purpose is the key to high-performing teams. How will you implement purpose to empower your team?

    The Platform Built to Lead Purpose-Driven Teams

    What is your team’s north star? When is your team at its best? How do you empower the diversity of personal purposes on the team? How do you set inspiring goals? How do you learn as a team?

    At Imperative we are constantly researching purpose to uncover new insights about teams – it is a living platform not a static assessment.

    Team Purpose Report

    Your team has a dominant purpose driver and two supporting drivers that combine to define your team’s purpose. This report provides you with an in-depth look at the team drivers and unlocks key insights into what the team does when it is thriving, when it struggles and areas where the team would be excited to increase its impact for the organization.

    This report includes a powerful draft paragraph that defines your team purpose. You can use it to tailor to become your “manifesto” to regularly remind yourselves of your north star and your potential.

    The report also uncovers key insights on likely blind spots for the team that you need to collectively own and manage.

    Team Purpose Inclusion Report

    What are the personal purpose drivers of all the members of your team? This report helps the team identify where space needs to be made for a diversity of thought and purpose. It gives you the information you need to make sure everyone feels they are making a meaningful contribution and feels a sense of belonging.

    The report also maps where you might have biases built into your team based on a lack of diversity of purpose. This will give you insights into your priorities for your next hire.

    Team Orientation Report

    Is your team driven by craft, impact, values or a combination of all three? This report shows what orientation your team has to work and the associated ways it enables you to thrive but also how it can create challenges.

    Every time you add or lose a member of the team, the orientation changes, and the report does as well so you can be a dynamic leader.

    Me + Team Report

    Each member of your team gets a custom report about the opportunities that working on this team provides. It compares your purpose to the team's and gives insights into how to maximize your relationships, impact and growth for the members of your team.

    Team Effectiveness Report

    Based on Google’s breakthrough research on effective teams, the report provides insights on where each of the five dynamics of an effective should be easy for your team and where they will require a lot of intentional effort.

    • Does your team have a sense of psychological safety?
    • Do you dependably stay on schedule and produce excellent work?
    • Do you have the structure and clarity each member needs?
    • Is the work you do meaningful for everyone on the team?
    • Does the team feel your work makes a real impact?

    Team Leader Dynamic Facilitation Planner

    As the leader of a team, every 90 days you can select one of the five dynamics of an effective team you want to work on. The platform then provides facilitation and leadership strategies to choose from to create your 90 day plan.

    Leading an effective team isn’t a one time investment. Every 90 days you should evaluate which dynamic needs attention and focus on it as a team to maintain an effective culture.

    Transformational Conversation Report and Conversation Guide

    Look up members of your team to access a report about their purpose with insights on how you can help them make their work meaningful and inspiring. Think of it as a user manual for their purpose.

    You can also download our simple one page check-in sheet that turns mundane weekly check-in conversations into empowering and authentic discussions that lead to real change and collaboration.

    Make Purpose Accessible for Your Teams

    The platform is currently available to Imperative employer partners, our higher education collaborators, and through our Certified Purpose Coaches.