One Language. Limitless Application.

By unlocking the science of purpose, Imperative has made purpose accessible and enabled us to create a common language around purpose that even technology can understand.

This breakthrough enables us to create insights and connections that were never possible when purpose was poetry. We can compare the purpose of two people or among members of a team. We can predict where someone should invest in growing and making an impact. We can analysis the purpose across a 100,000 person organization. We can even predict where someone will be most fulfilled volunteering.

How will you use the shared language of purpose?

Impact Driven Purpose and Leadership

Who do you seek to impact?
There are three drivers in this theme that relate to the elevation at which making an impact is most inspiring and meaningful for us. This elevation provides insights into how to frame goals, celebrate success, and our biases.

Individuals with a leadership style connected to their impact driver assess their performance as well as their colleagues’ on the impact of their work. Making an impact is their bottom line. They inspire us to always be customer centric and recall why we do what we do.

Value Driven Purpose and Leadership

Why do you seek to make and impact?
What we consider fair and just depends on where we are on the continuum between the two purpose drivers associated with this theme. Without purpose literacy, differences in values-theme drivers can break trust and respect for colleagues.

Individuals with a leadership style connected to their value driver find their strength and voice in seeking to “do the right thing” and put that before everything else. They judge themselves and their colleagues first and foremost on integrity and inspire us to be our best and most principled selves.

Craft Driven Purpose and Leadership

How do you seek to make an impact?
There are four different drivers associated with the craft theme that define how we are predisposed to practice our craft. They represent different problem solving styles that are most meaningful for us and unlock critical insights about how to add value and master our purpose.

When an individual's leadership style is anchored to their craft, quality is the measuring stick for success. Doing things properly and producing high quality work is the goal of every effort. They inspire us to do our best work and master our craft.

Purpose Statements

An individual’s purpose is typically articulated in a purpose statement, shorthand to remind someone of what they stand for in their work and life. Imperative determines a purpose statement based on someone’s purpose drivers.