Inspired | Evangelist | Walk-the-Walk | Movement | Vision | Passion
We believe in the transformational power of purpose. We believe that meaning and fulfillment in our work and in our lives isn’t a luxury, but the key to unlocking potential and the human spirit. We believe the only path to long-term success for people, organizations, and the planet is purpose.
> We make a profit by focusing on purpose, not the other way around.
> The Imperative staff are the most active users of our platform and the first to try new features.
> We design our work to optimize for meaningful relationships, making our greatest impact, and continued growth.


Distinction | Quality | Brilliance | Greatness | Merit | Caliber
Our purpose requires us to show up courageously every day. We must vigorously and consistently evaluate what we are doing to find increasingly effective and efficient ways to empower people to make their work meaningful. We can never know enough about the people we serve. We stand for the potential and future of work and society. We strive to model this vision at Imperative.
> We all own Imperative’s purpose like a founder.
> We measure the impact of our work and constantly seek opportunities to improve.
> We bring our full selves to work everyday.


Learning | Questioning | Testing | Genuine Interest | Inquisitive | Divergent Thinking
We’re always striving to find out more about ourselves, each other, our clients, and the world around us. This fundamental vehicle for building empathy is created by seeing things through an array of perspectives. Every conversion, piece of data, and idea is an opportunity to learn how to better serve people. This allows us to solve the right problems in creative ways and to lead the purpose movement with insights that inspire us to act and move forward together passionately.
> We are voracious consumers of information - in all forms.
> We welcome being wrong - it is a critical step to uncovering the truth.
> We don’t have a monopoly on innovation and look to learn from our peers and those who came before us.


Entrepreneurial | Creative | Ingenious | Optimism | Resilient | Crafty
We are all leaders in the purpose movement and our passion to serve people motivates us to find inventive solutions even when others quit. Creativity, energy, vision, and passion are our greatest resources and can propel us over even the most stubborn obstacles. In every opportunity and every investment we seek to create as much value as possible.
> We begin with the assumption that anything can be done and work backwards from there to figure out how.
> We look for unusual solutions to challenges that create extraordinary results.
> We celebrate and enjoy the journey and not just the destination.