Webinar on Demand: Create Inspiratonal Managers in 90 Days

Duration: 45 minutes
Presenter: Rachel Kjack, Director of Talent Strategy & Development at Imperative

Webinar Overview:

Managers are the cornerstone of your organization. Inspirational managers help build and sustain strong, inclusive cultures where employees are not just engaged, but fulfilled.

View our webinar on demand to learn how companies are using Imperative’s online coaching platform to:

  1. Cultivate more effective managers and empower them through the science of purpose
  2. Drive performance and personal fulfillment throughout an entire organization
  3. Create a culture of belonging based on a shared purpose and sense of success

We’ll share how our customers are transforming their organizations in a few months. We’ll show how it works; how easy it is to roll out, track, and measure as well as the tangible results you’ll see.

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Learn how Imperative's platform is
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